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The West Sluts Game

We appreciate it, West Sluts! You have an excellent game (which I fully admit) and you provide several options for the type of sex I want to see.

I select the ‘Safe for Work’ option and am immediately bombarded with a barrage of sound that reads “WARNING: YOU ARE ABOUT TO ENTER A BRUTAL SEX GAME“.

I have to admit that if I were at work and hit that, I would be a little disappointed. I’m not sure the game has a clear theme. The 3D models in West Sluts are also some of the best I’ve seen in an adult game. The thing about West Sluts is that you’re going to have dozens of hours of gameplay right away.

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The majority of the gameplay will revolve around you leveling up your character in order to fuck more women in the game. I am not a fan of erotic games in general, as they frequently result in me seeing the same thing over and over again while I am playing.

It becomes tedious. When you’re playing West Sluts, you’re going to want to keep playing. This is because each and every lass that you will encounter on West Sluts is genuinely attractive.

They each have a distinct shag. True, the gameplay will not differ significantly between the people you shag on the site, but that is irrelevant. The vast majority of people who participate in adult entertainment games do so in order to witness some good fucking.

They are unconcerned with the gameplay.

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