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Comix Harem Review

You know Hentai Heroes well since I told you about it often, and it is my favorite hentai game. But it’s not only because there is hentai that I love the game, it’s because the concept is simply great.

Discovering adventures in a visual novel way, with several game modes, and events every week to not get bored, all this to collect parodies of our favorite manga, anime and game heroines, it had to be done!

But there is a real competitor to this game, and you will love it just as much as its big brother, because it is made by Kinkoid as well and it promises many hours of exciting play.


Comix Harem, it’s Hentai Heroes, but Comics version, with American Comics style design DC, Marvel, and company and that, I love! There couldn’t be a better idea than adapting Hentai Heroes into an American comic book version. So here is my little review of the game, with my first impressions on the content.

The story mode in Comix Harem

The story mode reads like an interactive comic book. We follow the dialogues and live the story that unfolds before our eyes, using our energy to progress.

The more we progress in a story, the more porny it becomes. Our character, a queer superhero, will have to fuck all the heroines he meets to give them power back.

He’s a bit like a battery that charges your phone, except that he does it with his big cock. The drawing style is very faithful to the American style and we really feel like in a Strange book with drawings of the great Stan Lee.

You’ll find all the greatest heroes you know, but in a slightly more obsessed version, and this time, no more laughing, the fucking is always there before a mission to save the world!

Collecting heroines in Comix Harem

It’s hard to say who the writers of Comix Harem were inspired by in the game without doing a minimum of investigation, so for the moment, what I can tell you will remain a bit vague.

I thought I saw Nick Furry female version, Spider Gwen, Mystique, Thor Girl or Valkyrie, and apparently already dozens of others that I haven’t caught or identified yet.

It will probably take me years to collect them all, and I don’t think I could tell you about them so regularly right away.

But here’s a sample of what the first Comix Harem superheroines I got are doing sexually. It’s very hardcore, and they do all the dirty stuff you’d expect to find in porn comics, which makes it great!

Game modes in Comix Harem

PVP to compete with other players and prove to them that only you are worthy of fucking these super heroines, a very private Night Club that allows you to acquire new girls to complete your harem and earn more money and power, a store that allows you to improve your character and your collection of girls, a story mode that makes you live exciting porn adventures, daily quests with new gifts every day to win… There is a lot to do in Comix Harem, but what are you waiting for to play it?

A game in the pure comic book style, a little dark that gives the game a really typical aspect of these universes.

Add to that a touch of madness as only Kinkoid knows how to do, with slutty and nymphomaniac chicks who love your dick and who only think about swallowing your cum for breakfast, game modes that we already know and appreciate, and that it’s good to find again.

If you don’t know, no difficulty, the game is mastered instinctively. So here is a great mix that allows us to spend time with the one that is announced as the best porn comics game of all time: Comix Harem!

To finish on a very personal note… I love it! I’m a big fan of the game, and you can be sure that I’ll be telling you about it very often, so don’t miss any news, and play now!

Sounds good? Try Comix Harem now!

Get started with Comix Harem today for free!

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