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Craving Quest is a free to play hentai game which proposes you to go on an adventure in a perishing elemental kingdom.

Like any RPG, your goal is to advance with your team in the game while evolving and completing quests, but not only. Let’s discover together the fabulous destiny that awaits you hero!

A bit of history

A legend tells that the goddess of Genesis, named Vanessa, would be deeply asleep under the village of Alta Milan, very far from the Kingdoms of the Elements… The poor girl is said to be a prisoner of darkness, and horrible armies of monsters are invading the world.

But three brave adventurers have decided to stop the growing threat. You’ll have to go on a fantastic journey with them, and meet new sexy heroines to save the threatened kingdoms… Craving Quest is a hentai RPG, which you may not let go of!

The system in details :

The combat system is classic, you have to kill more and more powerful opponents to unlock the following maps. To do this you will have to equip yourself in terms of stuff but also build your team.

In Craving Quest you can choose your heroes and heroines according to several criteria: their element, their type of attacks (distance or cac for example) but also according to the bonuses they have when they are alongside a particular hero.

Your duty, in addition to choosing your team carefully, is also to take care of it. To do this you will have to train your heroes, equip them, but also increase their affection for girls. Thanks to this, you will be able to unlock naughty moments with them.

Each time you discover a new world with new maps, a small dialogue starts after the fight. It is done in the form of a wave of monsters and ends when you or your enemy loses. The fight is done either in automatic mode or in manual mode, it’s up to you.

It should be noted that in addition to the story mode, you have an arena to face other teams belonging to other players but also a kind of boss demon that you must face 5 times to receive points to exchange in the shop for gifts.

And what does it look like?

We can say that on Craving Quest the graphics are amazing! Just the main menu of the game can testify it. You can see some sexy heroines scrolling through it, as well as all the tabs that are available to you. Not just humans, no no!

Also mystical creatures that will make you fantasize. In terms of combat, the skill animations are really well done, in addition to the details and character of each character. You can feel that there was a lot of involvement in this part as well as in the hentai part

We want sex!

You will be able to enjoy all the heroines available in the game… Increase their affection by offering them gifts, play to find their missing parts for their secret scene and they will offer you hentai scenes worthy of the name.

Scenes that are uncensored it must be said. This allows you to watch in detail your heroines who will be fucked.

There is something for every taste and every fantasy! With this game of incredible quality you will never be disappointed. It’s up to you to launch the scenes and enjoy the stories and little secrets of each one.

Some examples of heroines to fuck!

There are many heroines to unlock in Craving Quest, and I’ve made a small selection of my favorites. Starting with Molly, the beautiful elf mage with ice powers. She wanks a dick like no one else and she loves to get your cum on her nice tits.

If things get out of hand during a tough fight, you can count on Zoe’s healing powers. This pretty healer will always be there for you, but don’t forget to save her when she gets raped by hentai tentacles that want to penetrate her ass without lube.

Mimi is also an elf mage, she masters a whole range of spells that will be useful to kill quickly the most powerful enemies. She is fragile, especially when she fights with her pussy in the air, but she is destructive, protect her, she will repay you sexually.

If you are used to RPGs on mobile and computer, this game is in the genre of Heros Wars, Idle Heros, etc. Then you won’t have any trouble picking it up. And if you are a beginner, Craving Quest has everything planned, a small tutorial will be there to help you.

Sounds good? Play Craving Quest Today!

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