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X Extreme Simulator pays a visit to Apexxx Legends

Apexxx Legends, I believe, truly took the world by storm when they debuted with their stellar battle royale title. They arrived a little late to the party, but the end result was something to be admired and enjoyed by people the world over.

It’s difficult to look anywhere on the Internet right now without being impressed by the sheer volume of entertainment associated with Apex Legends: but I’m going to skip the live streams, YouTube recaps, and everything else in order to focus exclusively on one thing: Apex Legends’ pornography.

I know it sounds strange, but bear with me – there is a brand new website dedicated to Apex Legends pornography, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. Continue reading and let’s have a more in-depth discussion.

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What is Apex Legends Games about?

Apex Legends Games is a platform that launched in October 2019 with the mission of providing the world with an exclusive collection of XXX games centered on and inspired by the Apexxx Legends franchise. If you’ve played the original game (I’ve logged hundreds of hours), you’re probably already aware of how well-polished and visually stunning it is – a quality that the team behind Apex Legends Games has captured in order to create one of the best locations for watching and playing Apex Legends porn parody media. I’m not sure how long they had to put this place together, but the job they’ve done is absolutely fantastic – let me talk a little more about the gaming first, and then we’ll look at the other prizes available.

Apexxx Legends Games’ gaming action

There are currently five games available, but they have another two in active development that I anticipate will be available before July 2020. While each of these titles is based on the Apexxx Legends franchise, their themes and approaches vary.

One of the most popular games on this site is actually a dating simulator – you’ll find yourself on the ground following an epic battle, searching for anyone who has survived. As things begin to rebuild, you’ll meet new people and develop the ability to engage them erotically: but only if you know how to make them happy!

In some cases, this will require you to fight alongside them, while others will expect you to provide adequate responses to their questions and the like. Apex Legends Games also features a first-person shooter – this is a solo campaign mode in which you’ll be treated to teaser videos and photos featuring Apex Legends characters in between sessions of fighting off enemies.

It’s good stuff, and I’m sure that many fans of Apexxx Legends’ art style and aesthetic will appreciate what’s going on here: the material is some of the best I’ve seen, and it perfectly captures the game’s mood. Take a look at the tour if you don’t believe me – it’s truly incredible!

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Apexxx Legends Pornographic Games: XXX-themed media

While the games in this review are unquestionably worth jerking off over, I understand that some readers will be more interested in the Apex Legends Wraith porn and Apex Legends Wattson hentai that are available. This type of content is primarily found in two locations: the videos section and the comics section.

Additionally, there is a doujinshi collection, though I must emphasize that this is not created by the site’s owners; rather, all of the material is sourced from amateur artists who have uploaded their works to various Rule 34 destinations. I realize that the specifics are irrelevant to the majority of people, but I thought it was worth mentioning so you understand what’s going on here. Anyway, returning to the subject at hand, because I’m sure everyone wants some stellar Apex Legends Wattson porn.

I began with the videos and was pleased to discover a small but promising collection of 50+ clips. These are typically between 2 and 5 minutes long, but they also have a full-fledged series with three episodes totaling 15 minutes – quite impressive, if you ask X Extreme Simulator! In terms of objective quality, you’ll be pleased to learn that they’re available in full 1080p HD resolution or 720p if your computer isn’t capable.

While streaming appears to be their preferred method of content distribution, you can always opt to download the scenes locally. Although the download servers are not lightning fast, you will receive your porn at some point – and that is all that matters, right?

Concerning the comics, they have an in-house artist whose job it is to publish them for the world’s enjoyment. There are 36 currently and two new uploads are added weekly: they are somewhat linear in theme, but I believe the artist’s unique artwork style will make a lot of people very happy indeed.

The story is plausible, and the sex scenes are flawless: I’m confident you’re going to enjoy it as much as X Extreme Simulator did! The only ‘problem’ is that they’re only available for jerking off in your browser: no downloads for the Apex Legends Games hentai collection are currently available.

Apexxx Legends Final Analysis

Thus, Apex Legends Wraith hentai, Apex Legends hentai in general, and numerous Apexxx Legends porn parody games are all available here: are they any good? एक्स एक्सट्रीम सिम्युलेटर certainly believes so, which is why he is officially endorsing and approving this establishment. To summarize, if you’re the type of person who enjoys high-quality games featuring the Apex Legends cast, this is the place for you.

It’s not just the games, either: the videos, comics, and doujinshi all combine to create a world-class location for anyone who adores Apex Legends to rant about their favorite game. That is top-notch entertainment, and yes, it has my endorsement as the king of porn! Thank you for reading, gang, and be sure to tell the folks over at Apex Legends Games that you were referred by एक्स एक्सट्रीम सिम्युलेटर.

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