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Players will agree on this point: Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is a true wonder, all versions combined. Who didn’t like driving luxury cars, robbing banks (don’t do that in real life) or making no fault on a mission? What about the women in this game?

It’s impossible to deny that they make an impact. And right, to your delight, a hotter version of the latest GTA has made its debut. Its name says a lot: GrandFuckAuto. As always, the most sceptical of you want to know if it’s really worth downloading this porn game and locking yourself in your room. The answer here!

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GrandFuckAuto: What is it?

As you will understand, GrandFuckAuto is a game that directly references the latest version of the iconic Grand Thef Auto. The difference? It’s just sex. And it can be said that this does not displease the thousands of Grand Theft Auto devotees who have many unfulfilled fantasies. To respect the essence of the game it is inspired by, this porn version features various missions with sex as a reward to complete (obviously!).

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All new players first notice the attention the designers have paid to detail. They are perfectly designed to provide the most realistic experience possible. You will find that no censorship will spoil your intense erotic immersion. Conquests, you will know what to do with them because you will have a real hunting image (sex?) to your assets. Only the platform interface already sets the tone and suggests the heat you will enter.

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Remember those beautiful women in bikinis you could meet on the street? They are all yours now and they have only one mission: to give you a solid gall and make you have fun. You are already a regular in the original version of the game, which will save you from losing your tracks. GrandFuckAuto only opens the door to new horizons. Pleasure has never been so close to a click!

The great freedom of action

You don’t like to do it halfway either, Grandfuckauto. If you already had the opportunity to do almost anything you wanted in Grand Theft Auto, GrandFuckAuto goes even further. Here you have full access to a commodity at your disposal, but not exploitable in GTA: the female body. It’s up to you to use it as you wish.

So, rhythm, choice of partner, body shape and size of tasks (especially breasts and buttocks) depend only on you. All you have to do is penetrate them and explore the whole world of sex with them. Either way, they are just waiting for it! Are you double penetration, anal or oral sex? Don’t get prayed over before you throw your body and soul into a warm moment. Moans, sweat and juice, it will be!

How to play GrandFuckAuto?

As with any game you invite yourself to, get used to the environment. Around the horizon!

The general objective

This game strongly reflects that from which it is derived. It must be said that it follows the same principle, with the exception of the gender, which is added. Thus, your overall goal is to complete various missions that serve you to collect lots of points and money.

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This money is used to pay the gambling prostitutes for the various carnal services they will provide you. As with any other game, completing many missions allows you to reach an increasingly important stage. At the same time, your sexual opportunities and positions will be increased. You will not regret the good old Kamasutra.

GTA Sex Game

The gaming platform

As much as it discloses from the start, the game is only available online. If you think this is a disadvantage, tell yourself that at least you are saving space on your device. And then, who knows who might fall on it while you’re browsing through your various apps? To access the online platform, any browser will do. The process is classic and quite fast. It’s a matter of going to the website and then answering questions. Porn regulars will recognise the perennial warnings presented by sites of the genre. After this step, you can register.

Once you have registered, you will have to wait a few minutes for the loading time. It mainly depends on the speed of your internet connection and the version you are playing. After this step, the platform will provide you with a quick tutorial to familiarise yourself with the different commands. From then on, it’s up to you to take matters into your own hands (yes, literally too). What you need to do is customise the character you are playing, then set out on the hunt. You can now dock them in any place, even the most unusual.

On the corner of a street, in a public square or in private, you have the option of overthrowing them as much as you want. Have you ever dreamed of being behind the wheel of a great car, with a real bomb that makes you an extraordinary pleasure? GrandFuckAuto knows this and gives you the opportunity to achieve it practically at least. Be careful not to lose the north, because all these benefits can only be achieved at the cost of some effort.

Pleasure Control

GrandFuckAuto is dedicated to everyone’s pleasure, not just yours. Then you understand that you have to fiercely defend your prey, around which other predators like you will revolve. So arm yourself accordingly and play all your cards to master your realm. One tip: Read all the dialogue carefully. The most important controls you will use are the controls that make your journey easier. If you are in a public place or prefer not to attract attention, take headphones or earphones.

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The girls’ moans never go unnoticed as much as they are. Ready to start the adventure? Click on the “Continue” button and dive into a world of action, fun, seduction and, above all, boundless pleasure. Your adventure begins with a vehicle at your disposal. The number plate is very impressive: Hard Honey. No need to draw a sketch. You will soon understand when you meet the two wonderfully mounted ladies you will meet.

Is GrandFuckAuto free?

You expect this game to be paid, taking into account everything it offers and the possibility to play it online only. In fact, the nuance is broader. All registration formalities are absolutely free and have only one safe purpose. You will notice that nothing is charged from your account, even if the platform asks for information on your credit card. Also, you will notice the free access that the platform gives you to the game and over 500 other similar games in all categories. So you can explore them from time to time to change.

All these advantages are interesting, but not forever. They only last for the trial period so you have an idea of everything there is to win. You then need to purchase a flat-rate subscription that entitles you to even more games. For added security, any charge will always be notified and will not affect anything other than the subscription. If you do not wish to subscribe or leave the site, you can do so at any time. In addition, you can also receive a refund subject to conditions.

What are the restrictions?

What is the point of saying a game is free if not everyone could play it? It’s still time to escape for porn game regulars and people looking for fun. The only requirements you need are a good internet speed, a device and headphones. There is no need to worry about the possibility that the game may not be available in your country, as this is not the case. After all, it is the echo of the original version that you have surely played.

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However, you will agree that it would be better not to let the miners approach. Here, questions and warnings are important as soon as you visit the platform. It would be better not to expose children under 18 to so many hardcore scenes. On the other hand, you should avoid playing this game if you are prone to epileptic seizures or have heart problems. The same goes for those who very quickly develop an addiction to games that have something to be addictive about.

GrandFuckAuto reviews

Overall, GrandFuckAuto can only be rated positively. There is absolutely nothing to fault on the graphical side. The game is exceptionally fluid and the character design is particularly successful. Whether you’re a fan of generous shapes or more menu physics, you’ll find all the details to suit you. What’s more, the sound is terribly effective. It’s almost easy to get lost. This allows you to develop in a world that is very realistic and therefore conducive to a unique experience.

Apart from all this, the game is very comfortable. You don’t have to concentrate or put all your energy into it, so you have plenty of space to attend to your daily activities. It should be noted that the game is very close to the original saga. So you have enough content to have fun. This is a work of beauty that will undoubtedly take you to a world of unconditional joy.

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