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VR Fuck Dolls: My Analysis

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It’s that time of year again, gang! I’ve been scouring the Internet for the best gaming websites available, and occasionally, I come across products that are so good that I feel compelled to review them individually. This is where the review’s primary focus should be mentioned: I’m going to tell you all about VR Fuck Dolls! This is a single product with no bonus content, but I’m telling you now: if you own a VR device (or simply enjoy simulation tools), you have to give this game a try. Allow me to explain why down below!

Initial thoughts on VR Fuck Dolls

Before I get started, let me confirm that literally every major VR device is compatible with VR Fuck Dolls: they all have multiple rendering options for the game, and the game will ask you which device you’re using prior to starting to ensure you get the best FPS and FOV settings. I’m currently using a Vive, but the system worked flawlessly and I’m sure I’d have a similar setup experience regardless of which headset I grabbed. In any case, VR Fuck Dolls can be played entirely within the browser or downloaded: I recommend the latter. It’s approximately 5 GB in size, but provides a more stable framerate and does not take as long to boot as the browser option does.

When you finally load VR Fuck Dolls, a brief tutorial explaining how the game works and what you can do in it will begin. Notably, one of the primary features of VR Fuck Dolls is the model design: you literally have complete control over how all of the girls look. We’re talking about complete hair color, boob shape, nipple shade, pussy hair design, and thigh thickness, among other things. They even have a selection of over a dozen different assholes, as well as the ability to paint fingernails and toenails!

Endless entertainment with VR Fuck Dolls

If you’re not up for spending hours creating the perfect fucking doll, you can always choose from their predesigned collection. What I liked about this was that VRFuckDolls has a large database of celebrities and pornstars. To name a few, we’re talking about Riley Reid, Piper Perri, Sasha Grey, Ava Addams, and Asa Akira. Regarding celebrities, you can enjoy fucking Taylor Swift, Megan Fox, and Kim Kardashian, which is quite a selection in my opinion.

Following that, you’ll select the model’s outfit and the location for the fuck. According to what I understand, you earn ‘Orgasm Bucks,’ which you can later spend on unlocking additional awesome uniforms and banging spots: it’s all good fun! VRFuckDolls also includes some ambient settings to assist in achieving the perfect fuck, such as light level, sexual mood, and submissiveness sliders. It truly is an immersive and interactive experience!

VR Fuck Doll Fucking time

When you’re ready to fuck these ladies, the game includes a ‘auto mode’ and dozens of different positions to experiment with. You can also adjust the sex’s speed, the depth of your dick, the amount of noise the girl makes, and whether or not you want to cum. To be honest, the level of customization available on VR Fuck Dolls is unparalleled: the graphics are also incredible. To my mind, it looks exactly like the real thing – I’ve never seen a platform with such a strong emphasis on things looking beautiful and gorgeous! VR Fuck Dolls was only released in its entirety in 2018, but it’s clear that they made the most of cutting-edge technology to create the most incredible game possible.

Conclusion on Virtual Reality Fuck Dolls

I ended up spending about 90 minutes inside VR Fuck Dolls, and you can bet I’ll be back once I’m done with this long list of reviews I need to complete! is one of my favorite games right now, and I believe that anyone with a headset should give it a try. You can play without using virtual reality by using their special 3D render setting, but the full experience is definitely worth trying at least once! That is all I have to say, gang. Take care and have fun with Virtual Reality Fuck Dolls!

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