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Звездные шлюхи

Star Whores is a Star Wars sex game. Well, it is rather a kind of porn parody we can say. You will of course find the spirit and characters of Star Wars in this porn game. However, your mission will be more to fuck the girls than anything else…

The Rise of Skyfucker finally allows fans of the franchise to find their favorite characters in an adult sex game.

Порно пародия на Звездные войны

Who among Star Wars fans has never fantasized about Princess Leia, Padmé or Rey? These women are pretty hot and I dare to imagine that I’m not the only one who has already fantasized about them…

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Thanks to this porn game you will finally be able to satisfy your fantasies! Indeed, in this game you will be able to fuck Rey or princess Leia, exciting isn’t it? Do you want to take them doggy style or rather missionary? Unless you prefer other positions…

Our opinion on The Rise of the Skyfucker

You are a Star Wars fan and you like free sex games? Then you will love Star Whores 100%! Sign up now to get a free trial to fuck Rey, Padme or even Princess Leia.

I’ve already played a lot of sex games and since I’m a Star Wars fan since I was a kid I can tell you that playing Star Whores was a real pleasure! If you are looking for a Star Wars porn parody then Star Whores is the perfect game. Anyway, as far as I know, there is no other Star Wars parody porn game.

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